How is the user journey when using the Brick API within my app?

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Last Updated: 1 year ago

As the leading Open Banking API platform for Southeast Asia, we are working very hard to provide the best experience for you and your users’. With fully informed consent and seamless experience, here is the overall journey of your users when using Brick API:

  • Your users wants to sync their financial account in your app
  • After agreeing to the informed consent form, your users select the account they want to connect using Brick’s widget and enters their credentials to authenticate in-app connections
  • User receive Multi-factor Authentication (OTP & CAPTCHA) and input them in your app
  • User’s financial account is successfully connected to your app. Crunch these data based on your use case.

If you would like to know more on how to integrate Brick API within your app and how does the system work, refer to our documentation or contact us

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