Who can use Brick?

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Last Updated: 1 year ago

Any fintech companies in Southeast Asia can seamlessly use Brick to access and categorize users’ financial accounts. The Open Banking implementation helps businesses to offer personalised and better products for their users, or even create new solutions along the way.

Example of use cases that uses Brick:

  • Personal finance: aggregate your users’ multiple financial accounts in your app to provide recommendations and spend analysis.
  • Lending and credit scoring: reduce fraud by skipping manual data collection. Verify borrowers identity, balance, and income instantly to create a safer and easier lending experience.
  • Accounting and business finance: sync your user’s financial account to verify transactions, balances, and create automatic data input.
  • Customer onboarding: easy and secure data validation for onboarding processes, such as identity verification, bank account holder verification, and etc.

By using Brick for various use cases, fintech companies are able to increase their bottom lines, thus achieving business growth and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

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